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        Jiujiang smelting non-ferrous metal co., LTD., formerly known as jiujiang non-ferrous metal smelting,Affiliated to jiangxi tungsten industry group co., LTD,A key leading enterprise of jiangxi tungsten industry group co., LTDT.I.C(Tantalum niobium centers for international studiesTantalum-Niobium International Study Center)The main members。The company is located in jiujiang city, jiangxi province development zone(Xinxin town),North of the Yangtze river and nine highway scene,In the south poyang lake,West from jiujiang city15Kilometers,Is now larger tantalum in China、Niobium and rare earth phosphor comprehensive smelting processing base。With years of tantalum niobium ore processing1600Tons of capacity and annual output of high-quality niobium oxide500Tons、Tantalum oxide150Tons、Tantalum niobium carbide100Tons、High-performance rare earth phosphors300Tons of production capacity。Mainly include tantalum niobium oxide、Carbide、Metal material processing and rare earth phosphor etc series products。To provide domestic and international market50Multiple varieties200More than kinds of specifications... [Detailed content>>]

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Tungsten titanium niobium solid solution

Titanium tantalum solid solution

Titanium tungsten tantalum solid solution

Tungsten titanium solid solution

High purity tantalum oxide

High purity niobium oxide

Ordinary tantalum oxide

Ordinary niobium oxide

Tantalum niobium carbide

Niobium carbide
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